Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Rasmussen, Day & Fisk

Three creative artists explore the musical and emotional possibilities of some lessor known standards, fresh arrangements of the familiar, original material and a few surprizes.

Jon Day is a multi-instrumentalist, educator, arranger, and composer. As an accomplished trumpet player, pianist, and educator for two decades, Jon has been a featured artist in a variety of music festivals around the globe, and has had the privilege of sharing the stage with a variety of world-class musicians. In addition to an impressive performance career, Jon is also a respected leader having conducted and composed for a wide variety of ensembles (symphony orchestra, studio orchestra, theatre orchestra, brass bands, brass quartets, big bands, and jazz ensembles) and vocal groups (choirs, quartets, theatre ensembles, and soloists).

Simon Fisk is a bassist, guitarist and vocalist who has recorded and performed extensively since 1995. Fisk’s consistent output is due to his rapport and the constant creative inspiration he receives from his fellow musicians. The two sides to his musical personality lead his free spirit and search for uncharted territory into spontaneous musical expression, freely improvised transitions, and diverse solo forms. He maintains a deep fascination with the art of the song, and his music shows two sides to his creative personality – the improviser and the songwriter- each playing off each other while allowing his band-mates the necessary space to express themselves without formal boundary.

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