“When I look through a camera lens, I want to people to see what I see. When I sing a song, I want people to feel what I feel.” ~ Deb Rasmussen

Thank you for visiting my site.  Like my life, this space is bit eclectic. There is information about my music and some of the jazz community work I’ve been involved with in Canada and Mongolia. And then, there’s “the day job” – another consuming passion that has taken me around the world to be constantly challenged and inspired. These interests often overlap and lead to adventure. Glimpses of that are in the gallery.

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“The vocalist’s excellent, measured singing is well supported by her band in creating and presenting a musical neighborhood where the allegory and simile of the lyrics come to life as soon as they are exhaled.  Effortless swing and smart programming make this an excellent vocal recording.” ~ Michael Bailey, All About Jazz