2022 – Independent Release

UNSPOKEN is a musical and emotional journey through the parts and types of love we often leave unspoken. In the category of sweet romance, “Just My Little Love Song” and “You Smile” and were written by Deb and her life partner for each other. But between infatuation (Darn That Dream), passion (I Hear a Rhapsody) and heartbreak (It Never Entered My Mind), the stuff of many love songs, there’s longing and loneliness (Swept Away), temptation (Unspoken), the constant balancing of love versus fear (Front Porch) and the need to need to draw a line in the sand (In Your Own Sweet Way). The songs go beyond romantic love.

“[With] a contemporary feeling that flows and fits together … [Unspoken] is a tonic for vocal fans on the prowl for the next set that really fills their sweet tooth.” ~ Chris Spector at Midwest Record

“Poignant and powerful, Unspoken is a work of emotional beauty, and a treasure for connoisseurs of dulcet vocals. Highly recommended.” ~ Midwest Book Review

2011 – Independent Release

Deb and Keith released their duo CD “Heart Wide Open” in 2011. The disc goes straight to the heart of their musical conversation – intimate interpretations of Deb’s original songs and well loved standards, with the occasional twist. A musical journey down the path of love with all its detours, “Heart Wide Open” pairs eloquent lyrics with the rich textures of guitar.

Deb and Keith performed together from 2003 until Keith’s passing in 2016. 

2009 – Independent Release

Northern Lights – Altai Khangai is a unique fusion blending some of the freshest Canadian jazz with the ancient sounds of the Mongolian steppe. Northern Lights performs spacious and interactive music reflecting the openness of the Canadian prairies. Altai Khangai performs traditional music from the vast steppes of Mongolia. The morin khuur (horse head fiddle), khuchir (two stringed violin), tuuvshuur (swan fiddle) and khoomii (throat singing) evoke images of the grasslands, deserts, mountains, horses and nomadic people of Mongolia, the land that knows no fences. Together, Northern Lights – Altai Khangai play music that springs from the expansive landscape shared by western Canada and Mongolia.