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Upcoming Shows 2019

DG Duo at Cliff Bungalow Mar 2019 POSTERWed, Mar 6: DG Duo at Cliff Bungalow Jazz Series

8 pm. Cover $15,   2201 Cliff Street SW             

Glennis Houston and Deb Rasmussen come together as the DG Duo to explore the harmonic possibilities of two voices at play. Two noted jazz vocalists, they perform their own original compositions and arrange familiar jazz, blues and pop tunes to uncover new harmonic and improvisational possibilities. Their joyful take on the interplay of two voices engages audiences and leaves them delighted.

Show time: 8:00 PM
Tickets $15 cash at the door.

Glennis Houston, a jazz vocalist, pianist, and songwriter, received her doctorate in music in 2016 from York University in Toronto. Her research focused on developing a jazz theory course for community singers, which she continues to modify and teach. She has also received her B.Ed. and is currently spreading the joy of music to grades 1-6 within the Calgary Board of Education. In 2014, she released her second CD, “I’ll Reminisce You,” which features many of her own jazz-influenced tunes, along with arrangements and covers of bebop, blues, and ballads. She has performed at the Calgary Jazz Festival, JazzYYC’s International Jazz Day celebrations, and public performances at Lolita’s, the Ironwood, and other western province locations.

Deb Rasmussen is a jazz singer and songwriter living in Calgary, Canada. Her CD, “Heart Wide Open” features her own tunes and several well-loved jazz standards. She has also recorded with the ethno-jazz group “Northern Lights – Altai Khangai”, a collaboration of Canadian jazz and Mongolian traditional musicians. Deb has studied with Jay Clayton, Sheila Jordon, Cheryl Fisher and Dee Daniels and performed at the Calgary Jazz Festival “Party in the Park”, the Giant Steppes Jazz Festival in Mongolia, Lolita’s, the Ironwood and other venues around Calgary.

Sheldon Zanboer, jazz pianist, composer, arranger, instructor, music industry professional, and author, is one of Canada’s most versatile musicians. Specializing in jazz piano and widely recognized as one of Canada’s premier jazz talents, he has been working behind the scenes on many recordings, theatre projects, song writing projects, jazz concerts, sound design, and film soundtracks. Sheldon now teaches jazz and contemporary piano at the Mount Royal Conservatory, Ambrose University and University of Calgary. “There’s a lot of musicians out there that just play the piano. Sheldon is one of the rare performers that can consistently make unforgettable musical moments.”

Jeremy Coates is one of Western Canada’s busiest working bass players, with more than fifteen years of performing and teaching experience. Comfortable in the studio, classroom, and concert hall, Jeremy has developed a variety of approaches to jazz improvisation with respect to his instruments, which include acoustic bass, electric 4, 5, 6-string basses, as well as tuba, guitar, and drum set. He has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and has performed at the Montreux jazz festival. Jeremy was also entrusted both to perform and direct the top improvisation ensembles at UNC—a position held by numerous educators now teaching jazz at leading institutions across North America. While working with and developing the composition skills of his students, Jeremy produced, recorded and submitted an all-original recording to Downbeat magazine. His group later won Downbeat’s award for top collegiate jazz group (May 2003).

Robin Tufts is a drummer, percussionist and dance accompanist. Robin is very active in the Calgary jazz community, playing and recording with his own Trio Velocity and many other groups. For 20 years, Robin has been the group leader of accompanists for the Program of Dance at the University of Calgary. In the past five years, Robin has begun a re-exploration of his life-long passion for spontaneous improvisation. This has led to “Music for Soup”, a series of house concerts featuring performances of spontaneous duets with musical guests Keith Smith, Simon Fisk, Raulito Tabera, Peter Clark, Mark DeJong, Bill Horist, Austin Tufts and Jeremy Brown to date. The Music for Soup project has resulted in the release of seven self-produced limited edition CDs.